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A little bit about me...

My Story

Hi there, I'm ReBecca, a professional photographer based in Syracuse, New York. In 1992, while still in high school, I started my own photography business creating portraits for friends and for those they would refer to me. I photographed my first wedding in 1998, and after many years of contemplating a business name, ReBecca's Photography officially made the cut in 1999. From the moment I created my first portrait and to the present day, I strive to create and capture images the reflect the true personality of my subject. You won't find any commercial props used by multiple clients or heavy post-processing in my work. I believe in photographing you, your family and friends, and yes, even your beloved four-legged fur babies, in a way that is real, genuine, and true. This takes time and patience and is so worth it in the end.

It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.
— Paul Caponigro

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The mission of ReBecca’s Photography is to be one of the leading photographers who set standards of excellence with regards to professional photography. Maintaining a down-to-earth approach while providing clients with images that are genuine, real, and timeless to last for generations to come.


I was born and raised in a family skilled in photography, music, and art. I received a camera at a very early age from my father, a professional photographer, and musician. I developed a curiosity for the traditional photographic process, which was inevitable by having a complete photographic darkroom and photo studio at home. After years of simply existing around a world of arts and photography, I unexpectedly fell in love with the camera when I started to learn more about it in the classroom. From there I was inspired to take it to a higher level and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Photography from Syracuse University. I learned to combine my years of education with real-world experience and developed an artistic, unobtrusive style of shooting by using patience, photographic intuition, and artistic sensibility. 

Capturing images in real-time that are genuine, romantic and beautiful was my initial motivation for choosing this profession. My intrigue and developing artistic style continued to grow immensely, whereby I learned to express it in several ways through photography. As a visual artist I document impromptu, story-telling images currently using digital photography as my medium. I have always considered it vital to develop a personal connection with all of my clients whether photographing an elaborate wedding or a single portrait. All of my portrait and wedding photographs are a collaboration of my clients' uniqueness and my creative perspective, thus producing an original piece of "artwork."

Hello Wedding Couples

I truly love and enjoy photographing weddings, from small intimate celebrations to those that are large and elaborate, and all of those that fall in-between. After 19 years of professionally photographing them, I can assure you with a high degree of modest confidence that I will not disappoint you. Your wedding day is documented completely from the little details to family photographs and candid’s in a very unobtrusive, kind, loving way. My father, a professional photographer, photographed weddings in the Syracuse area from 1977 until 2002 and his reputation is still respected today. I strive to follow in his footsteps as a professional photographer and artist. I was brought up in an era when wedding photography was very traditional, and the respect and quality held by photographers was substantial.

Today, I want to reassure every couple viewing my work for consideration that because of the values instilled in me, my experience, my education, and respect I have for your wedding day, I will photograph your wedding day in a way that has a wonderful balance between today's artistic, documentary, unobtrusive style and yesterday’s invaluable timeless family portraits.  It is with two decades of education and experience that I am able to ensure not only high-quality products but artistic, one-of-a-kind results.

To My Clients

I'm an artist who uses a camera to create my heartfelt work. Photographing weddings and portraits in a genuine, artistic way is what I do best. Describing my clients, is kind of like describing myself, a person who’s looking for something unique and of high-quality, who goes with the flow and who’s not afraid to explore the road less taken. Weddings are what I spend most of my time capturing, and I’ve photographed over 600 of them since 1998.

When photographing people, my approach is very laid-back and friendly; this allows the true essence of the soul to show through. You won’t find deliberate, rigid posing in any of my work. I anticipate moments but make little adjustments along the way. Being a photographer allows me to see the world in a slightly different way and I love documenting life!

My Fine Art Subjects

“Fine Art” is a term that is used loosely today. It’s not just about taking a photograph and applying filters and effects; it’s actually far from that. Fine Art should have at least these following characteristics: Message, Intent, along with Choice & Technique. My Fine Artwork is a mix of portraits and abstracts. One common theme through all of my portrait work is that the viewer will feel my subjects’ profound soul, just by looking into their expressive eyes and body language. The messages vary and touch on many topics. My abstracts are primarily about composition and light. Being an art photographer allows me to show the world how I envision it, frozen in time so that it can be slowed down for the everyday eye to see. Even if you’re not looking for a portrait of yourself, you may find something that you connect with.

What I Love About Art

I have always been intrigued by all forms of art. I love to see the color and brushstrokes on an artist’s canvas, to feel the impressions in clay from a potter’s fingers and immerse myself in the essence of music as it takes you on a journey through the musician’s heart and soul. These are just some of the things that make me who I am as an artist bringing my work to life. There are those that can paint a masterpiece or write eloquently worded lyrics. My talent is that I perceive things that the ordinary eye does not and I have the experience, knowledge, and education to make it come to life through photography. The art of photography and the creative process is not only my calling; it is truly my passion.